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9 open-source projects, including original source files and tokenizations of the code and comments
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This dataset includes 9 open-source projects, including original source files and tokenizations of the code and comments. Below is a list of directories and their content.

  1. eclipse_workspace/

    • Source code files for 9 open source projects: apache-ant-1.8.4, apache-cassandra-1.2.0, apache-log4j-1.2.17, apache-maven-3.0.4, batik-1.7, lucene-3.6.2, MinorThird, xalan-j-2.7.1, xerces-2.11.0
    • filelist.txt, a list of all source files with local paths
  2. habeascorpus_tokens/

    • A tokenized version of the source files, code and comments, under 'eclipse_workspace' (following the same directory structure). Tokenization done with the Eclipse JDT compiler tools. For each token we give the token, token type, and a breakdown of the token by camel-case. For comments, we extract the comment text.


The following paper has used this dataset:

Natural language models for predicting programming comments. Dana Movshovitz-Attias and William W. Cohen.
In Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL). 2013

Associated Software

An eclipse plugin based on the ACL paper above and enables comment word-completion can be found in:


This data is based on an earlier version compiled by Peter Schulam, which can be found in

If you use this dataset in any publication, please acknowledge the ACL paper above, and send us a quick note so that we can update the papers list.


If you have any question about this dataset, please contact Dana Movshovitz-Attias (

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