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CDeep3M2 installation and interface on Google Colab

CDeep3M Preview:

Please note: The easiest way to run CDeep3M (for free!) is using the CDeep3M preview function: CDeep3M-Preview at the The links below provide quick entry points with graphical user interface (GUI) or command line interface (CLI) to run CDeep3M on your own using Googles free GPUs. Due to limitations of runtime duration (12h) this can be enough for some tasks, like small segmentation tasks or re-training a pre-trained network

Prediction GUI:

Run CDeep3M predictions with a graphical user interface (GUI) on Google Colab's free GPUs.

Re-training GUI:

Apply transfer learning of a CDeep3M pre-trained model on GUI.

CDeep3M-Colab CLI:

If you are comfortable using a command line interface, this provides the most flexible way to use all functionality of CDeep3M while using Googles free GPUs. It performs the complete CDeep3M installation and sets you up with the CDeep3M CLI on colab.


This provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to run a CDeep3M training on your own using Googles free GPUs. Disclaimer: Due to the limited runtime and potential interuption during the execution, training a network from scratch on Colab is not recommended. please either consider re-training a network from the modelzoo or starting a training from scratch using a Docker container and accessible GPUs in this case.


CDeep3M installation and graphical user interface on Colab






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