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@@ -6,9 +6,8 @@ Gazelle: a system for building fast, reusable parsers
-This is experimental, immature software. A few things work, but a lot of
-things don't. And everything is subject to change: the APIs, the grammar
-language, everything.
+While Gazelle is getting quite usable, the language and the APIs are still quite
+subject to change.
Still with me? Great. :)
@@ -18,14 +17,22 @@ BUILDING
You need to have Lua installed to do anything interesting. The C runtime
doesn't need Lua, but without Lua you can't compile any grammars.
-Gazelle should build out-of-the-box on UNIX-like systems if Lua 5.1 is
-installed. Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X are tested. Just type make:
+Gazelle should build mostly out-of-the-box on UNIX-like systems if Lua 5.1 is
+installed, but you may need to tweak the Makefile to point to your local Lua
+installation. Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X are tested. Just type make:
$ make
+$ make install PREFIX=/usr
+The PREFIX will default to /usr/local. "make install" installs binaries like
+the compiler into $PREFIX/bin, headers into $PREFIX/include, and libraries
+into $PREFIX/lib.
To build the documentation, you need to have asciidoc installed, as well
as graphviz if you want to see the graphics.
+$ make
+$ . lua_path (this is needed since the documentation uses .lua files from the compiler)
$ make doc
Alternatively you can just read the manual on the Gazelle website.
@@ -41,6 +48,8 @@ lang_ext/
wrappers around the C runtime, for high-level languages (currently only Lua)
the tiny, fast, small-memory-footprint C runtime that actually does the parsing
+ public header files for the runtime.
code that is either half-written or for debugging-only
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-Gazelle 0.4, released January XX, 2009 =========================================
+Gazelle 0.4, released January 21, 2009 =========================================
Overview: This release addresses all of the most pressing issues that were
preventing Gazelle from being usable. The biggest gap in Gazelle's

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