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A couple additions to the TODO.

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1 parent e50e256 commit b8e85f31fbdf94ae5c873f0c5cc1e915450b7cbc Joshua Haberman committed Oct 3, 2008
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@@ -9,7 +9,14 @@ harder.
true seems like a lot of hard thought. Let's think of it as an optimization
and do it later.
+* make semicolons optional at end of line.
Compiler / Grammar Analysis (all changes should have test-cases):
+* make tostring() methods for all of the grammar objects.
+* create Lua bindings for the C grammar representation, which we can use
+ to write tests that verify that the grammar makes it through the bytecode
+ step unchanged.
* (maybe) take regular subset of non-regular lookahead when it doesn't
cause alternatives' languages to intersect.
* (maybe) support full-LL by having first states of GLA have edges that

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