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Script to 'latexmk' every revision of the acinus-paper and to compile the PDFs
into a mosaic, so we can make a timelapse movie of the paper.
import os
import subprocess
latexmk = True
montage = True
# Setup
if == 'posix':
DropBoxDir = os.path.join('/Users','habi','Dropbox')
DropBoxDir = os.path.join('c:\\', 'Users', 'haberthu', 'Desktop',
SaveToDirectory = os.path.join(DropBoxDir, 'Work', 'AcinusPaperTimeLapse')
if == 'posix':
# Fake revision number if running on the private laptop or at PSI, sice we
# then cannot easily connect to the SVN server at
MaxRevision= 94
# Get SVN info from remote repository
(Output, Error) = subprocess.Popen(('svn', \
'' + \
# Do some string manipulation to find the highest revision number
# The 'Output' above contains 'Revision: $RevisionNumber', thus find the
# first occurrence of 'Revision' in Output, and use the two digits that come
# after it. If we have more than 99 revisions 'skip=2' will need to be
# changed to 'skip=3'. And probably also change the string formatting for
# the Directories
skip = 2
MaxRevision = int(Output[Output.find('Revision') + len('Revision: '):
Output.find('Revision') + len('Revision: ') +
PageNumber = []
# Go into each folder and 'latexmk' this thing
if latexmk:
for Revision in range(1, MaxRevision + 1): # from 1 to MaxRev, not between
Directory = os.path.join(SaveToDirectory,
'PaperRevision' + "%02d" % Revision)
print 'Latexmk-ing revision', Revision
nirvana = open("NUL", "w")
# compile even with errors (for some revisions we're miss some images)'latexmk -pdf -silent *.tex', stdout=nirvana,
stderr=nirvana, shell=True)
# cleanup after compilation'latexmk -c *.tex', stdout=nirvana, stderr=nirvana,
# Count Pages of the resulting PDF
process = subprocess.Popen(['identify','-format','%n','*.pdf'],
NumberOfPages, Error = process.communicate()
print 'The PDF of revision', Revision, 'contains', int(NumberOfPages),\
print 'The maximum page number found is', max(PageNumber)
# Go into each folder and make a montage of the PDF
# Commandline call based on one of wiki pages and help from
# > montage -density 300 album.pdf -mode Concatenate -tile 2x1 -quality 80
# >-resize 800 two_page.jpg
if montage:
for Revision in range(1, MaxRevision + 1): # from 1 to MaxRev, not between
Directory = os.path.join(SaveToDirectory,
'PaperRevision' + "%02d" % Revision)
print 'Compiling all pages of Revision', Revision, 'into a mosaic'
# concatenate all pages into one humongous image'montage -density 150 *.pdf -mode Concatenate -tile' +\
' 8x4 mosaic-' + str("%02d" % Revision) + '.png',
print 'Resizing mosaic to 4k resolution'
# resize that humongous image to 4K resolution
os.chdir(Directory)'convert mosaic-' + str("%02d" % Revision) + '.png ' +\
'-resize 4096 -background white -gravity north ' +\
'-extent 4096x2896 -gravity south -stroke \"#000C\"' +\
' -strokewidth 15 -pointsize 144 -annotate 0 ' +\
'\"Revision ' + str("%02d" % Revision) + '\" ' +\
'-stroke none -fill white -annotate 0 \"Revision ' +\
str("%02d" % Revision) + '\" frame-' + \
str("%02d" % Revision) + '.png', shell=True)
# Cleanup
# delete all the unnecessary stuff and move the images to their own directories
if latexmk:
# remove all the unnecessary LaTeX-stuff'for i in `ls -d Pap*`; do rm $i/NUL; rm $i/*.b*;rm $i/*.lo*;rm $i/*.aux;rm $i/*.f*;rm $i/*.out;rm $i/*.tdo;rm$i/*.toc;done',shell=True)
if montage:
# create directories for timelapse-frames if necessary
if not os.path.isdir('frame'):
# move all the frames to their respective directories'for i in `ls -d Pap*`; do mv $i/fr*.png frame;mv $i/mo*.png mosaic;done',shell=True)