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Database Conventions

This is the list of conventions to create databases, tables, fields, and other things related to database development.

  1. use english language for name of fields and tables.
  2. Table names are lowercase, plural, and underscored without abbreviation except for commonly used. example: users, rules, organitation_units.
  3. Field names are lowercase, and without abbreviation except for commonly used like id or uid.
  4. Field names with two or more words are underscored. Example: first_name, last_name, etc.
  5. Use id as name of primary key for all tables with int data type for auto increment or char(32) for UUID/GUID.
  6. use the (singular) name of the related table followed by _id for foreign keys. Example: user_id that reference to users table.
  7. Upper casing SQL keywords and built-in functions. Example: SELECT first_name ,last_name ,CONCAT(first_name, last_name) AS full_name FROM users;
  8. Avoid asterisk (*) symbol on select clause.