An example to show how to implement Twitter in Speech.
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This an implementation of the Twitter social network in the [Speech] ( programming language. The purpose of this implementation is simply to illustrate how the functional requirements of typical Web 2.0 apps can be programmed in Speech. Thus, we abstract away from non-functional concerns relating to the persistence, presentation and web layers, and focus instead on the business logic of Twitter. You can find explanations on the design of this app in the Speech user guide. Currently, the implementation is far from being complete, but it will eventually cover the 100% of these requirements. We promise!


To compile the twitter source code simply follow these steps:

Download twitter

To download these sources, you must obtain git and clone the app-twitter repository.

> git clone <twitter>

Install sbt

The app-twitter project is configured with the sbt build tool. To install sbt follow the instructions at

Compile twitter

$ cd <twitter>
$ sbt 
> test:compile

Run twitter

From sbt, you can run some tests with the test-only command:

> test-only org.hablapps.twitter.test.All_Twitter

Alternatively, you can launch the Speech interpreter and simulate your own scenario:

$ cd <twitter>
$ sbt
> console
scala> import org.hablapps.{speech,twitter}
scala> val MyTwitter = new speech.PlainSystem with twitter.Program
Welcome to the twitter platform!
scala> import MyTwitter._
scala> val NewEntities(mytwitter: $[Twitter]) = attempt(Initiate(Twitter()))


This software is released under Apache License, Version 2.0.