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Spring Social Sample built on top of a Roo-created project
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Spring Social Sample built on top of a Roo-created project

This is just the beginning of an effort to Spring Social-ize a project that was originally created with Roo.

Before adding the Spring Social pieces, I had only issued the following commands into the Roo shell:

project --topLevelPackage --projectName spring-social-roo
web mvc setup
security setup

I then made the following changes:

  1. Added an empty as a sanity check (Roo's established component-scanning should pick it up).
  2. Added ConnectController to webmvc-config.xml.
  3. Added ConnectController's dependencies to (mostly copied from Spring Social Showcase). Also created to hold Facebook key/secret
  4. Added Spring Social dependencies in pom.xml
  5. Created connection table in DB (via brute-force setting of connectInitSqls property for now).
  6. Added connection views under /WEB-INF/views/connect. Had to also change tiles definitions to align with Roo's Tiles settings. Also copied Facebook button imagery to images folder.
  7. Created a new application at Facebook so that the site URL would match this project. Copied new key/secret into
  8. Added facebook.icon and facebook.displayName to
  9. Added <intercept-url> to require that the user be logged in before connecting to FB.
  10. Added FacebookProfileController and supporting views.
  11. Added ProviderSignInController to webmvc-config.xml
  12. Added SimpleSignInAdapter and SignInUtils to new package.
  13. Added Facebook Sign-in button to login.jspx (with hardcoded context path for now).
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