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Future ideas:
A modularized help system where each module is responsible for
generating its own help. Maybe as well as scan() each module can
also define a help() subroutine or something.
Get rid of the distinction between 'is' and 'are'.
Stuff that never got fixed in infobot, and still needs to get fixed
- Make replacements work when they look like matching operators:
"bot, foo =~ s/this /that/" should change "this " to "that",
but instead makes bot look for a factoid matching "that" in
the factoid with the key "foo =~ s/this" (I think --rich)
- make "botnick, no, factoid is foo" equivalent to "no, botnick,
factoid is foo". Requested by Sean "TorgoX" Burke.
Fix this:
<mendel> charlotte, is this broken?
<mendel> what is charlotte,
<charlotte> i think charlotte, is this broken?