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Basic Installation
First, you'll need a few prerequisites.
- the latest libopkele from
It's a C++ implementation of important OpenID functions.
- libsqlite from
SQLite C libs
Next, run:
$> ./configure
$> ./configure --help
to see additional options that can be specified.
Next, run:
$> make
$> su root
$> make install
Make sure that the file /tmp/mod_auth_openid.db is owned by the user running Apache.
You can do this by (assuming www-data is the user running apache):
$> su root
$> touch /tmp/mod_auth_openid.db
$> chown www-data /tmp/mod_auth_openid.db
Or you can specify an alternate location that the user running apache has write
privieges on (see the docs for the AuthOpenIDDBLocation directive on the homepage).
See README for more usage information.