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Slaven suggests to ignore MET.yml provede by EUMM before 6.25_01
The output of this script must be postprocessed like so:
sed -e 's| ./../.*||'|sort|uniq -c
And from that we learn that 4115 distros have their META.yml produced
by EUMM 6.17
use strict;
use version;
use warnings;
use Compress::Zlib;
use File::Find;
use YAML;
wanted => sub {
return unless /\.meta$/;
my $yaml = $_;
my($name) =
$File::Find::name =~ m|([A-Z]/[A-Z][A-Z]/[A-Z][A-Z-]*[A-Z]/.+)\.meta$|;
my $y;
eval { $y = YAML::LoadFile($yaml); };
my $status;
if ($@) {
$status = "yaml_error";
} else {
if ($y) {
die unless ref $y and ref $y eq "HASH";
if (exists $y->{generated_by}) {
$status = $y->{generated_by};
} else {
$status = "no_generated_by";
} else {
$status = "no_yaml";
die unless $status;
printf "%s %s\n", $status, $name;
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