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* rebalance admin commands
1.12 - 2010-08-13
* update_class command (requires 2.37 of mogilefs-server) (t0m)
* Improve error message on hostname lookup failure (t0m)
1.11 - 2010-04-02
* Support replpolicy as an argument to class add/modify (dormando)
* Don't reuse dead socket on more error conditions (t0m)
* Add chunk_size option for store_file to speed up large uploads
* Add extra info to write failure errors (t0m)
1.10 - 2009-12-05
* Support sending a timeout for admin commands (robbat2)
1.09 - 2009-10-16
* Change really misleading timeout error message.
* Add optional startpos argument to fsck_reset.
* Add experimental 'edit_file' command, making use of ClientHTTPFile.
* Add 'read_file' command, which returns a seekable filehandle
to a mogile key, making use of ClientHTTPFile.
* Add new ClientHTTPFile backend as an alternate to NewHTTPFile.
This is used if the 'largefile' option is passed to new_file.
1.08 - 2007-08-06
* Include update_device command for consistency.
* Include 'clear_cache' command.
* updated docs
1.07 - 2006-05-03
* 'settings list' and 'settings set <key> <value>' commands.
use for enabling rebalancing, slaves, memcaches, etc.
1.06 - 2006-04-20
* add fsck mgmt/status/querying commands to MogileFS::Admin
1.05 - 2007-04-16
* POD docs!
* Add create_open_args and create_close_args which can be passed to
new_file (plus store_file and store_content). This can be used to
pass extra information to plugins running in the tracker.
1.04 - Mar 26, 2007
* add observed_state and I/O utiliz% columns to mogadm check.
* removed support for non-http:// storage node URLs. that is,
"NFS mode" is now gone. yay. it always sucked.
1.03 - Sep 25, 2006
* rename from MogileFS to MogileFS::Client, add POD, prep for
future work.
* more verbose error messages
* AUTOLOAD-proxy unknown methods to server for server-based
plugins (Mark Smith)
* Andreas J. Koenig <>:
The following bugfix guards against externally influenced $/. In
our case, somebody (not @danga :) had set $/ to undef and so the
application was hanging forever.
1.01 - Jan 10, 2005
* fix CPU spinning bug in _getline where we didn't handle
sysread() returning 0. (Brad)
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