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Skadi Agent

Most frequently-used skadi agent. Written by go. Published as binary running in your server. Can help you run shell command. You can also write your own agent, use our Go SDK.


Before we release the deb/rpm/homebrew packages, it can only install the agent manually.

Download the release and unzip it.
Edit the config file skadi.yml, put your agent TOKEN in it. Now you can use ./skadi run it for testing.

Then, if everything is ok, you want to deploy it,

mv skadi /usr/bin
mkdir /etc/skadi
mv skadi.yml /etc/skadi/

If the user is not root, use sudo.


First, move the service to system path:

mv skadi.service /etc/systemd/system/

After saving your service file, you can start the service for the first time with the usual systemctl dance:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable skadi
sudo systemctl start skadi

Verify that it is running:

systemctl status skadi

When running with our official service file, its output will be redirected to journalctl:

journalctl -u skadi --no-pager | less