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React Native mobile app that helps students get around campus safer at night.
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C2TC Spring 2019CircleCI

Goal: To create a mobile application that makes the students of UIUC feel safer on campus.

Product Resources

Design Resources

Backend Resources

Tech Stack

We split this application into Frontend and Backend services. The backend is Flask server using python 3.7 and pipenv with MongoDB, a NoSQL database, as our choice of data store. The Frontend is built with React Native and Expo, which enables our app to run on any type of mobile device.

Application Structure

  • c2tc-mobile: frontend top directory
  • backend: backend top directory

Specific Documentation is given inside the c2tc-mobile and backend folders.

Development Setup


  • Node.js 8.x.x
  • Python 3.7
  • Pipenv

To run the flask server in the backend

cd backend
pipenv install           # install dependencies
pipenv shell
python runserver

To run the frontend

cd c2tc-mobile
npm install                 # install dependencies
npm install -g expo-cli     # do this step if you have never used expo before.
# Install the Expo Mobile App on phone if you have never used expo before.
expo start
# Scan QR code with phone (use camera if you have an iphone and use expo app if you have an android.)

Note: if you prefer using npm, use npm instead of yarn in commands provided above


Software Devs


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