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An intuitive resource map to aid nonprofit Life After Hate staff in finding resources for individuals attempting to disengage from hate groups.
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josh-byster Refactoring & Modularization of Components (#124)
* Refactor to functional style

* Prelim filter refactor

* Continued refactor

* Functional refactor finished of filter

* More refactor

* Move to external file

* Addition user refactor

* Added logger for axios requests

* Node upgrade

* Fix mock issue

* Audit package vulnerabilities

* Moved files into page directories

* Added form hook

* Start to resource modal refactor

* Continued modal refactor

* Fixed location adding

* Repaired filtering

* Added memoization :)

* Fixed test compliance

* Prettier run on SCSS

* Refactored into selectors

* Initial refactor of MapView

* Got popup working

* Got cardview working

* Full map functionality restored

* Added scroll functionality

* Fixed scroll selection bug

* Mapview cleanup

* Searchbar cleanup

* Added logic for marker points

* Small map changes

* Added toQueryString helper

* Refactored Navbar to functional component

* Added basic delete button
Latest commit a18d8cc Jan 14, 2020

Life After Hate

A Hack4Impact UIUC project.

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Key Features

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How To Use

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Alan Fang
Alan Fang

Product Manager
Josh Byster
Josh Byster

Technical Lead
Evan Eckels
Evan Eckels

Product Designer
Alice Fang
Alice Fang

Software Developer
Rebecca Xun
Rebecca Xun

Software Developer
Lauren Ho
Lauren Ho

Software Developer
Gene Wang
Gene Wang

Software Developer
Albert Cao
Albert Cao

Software Developer


This software uses the following open source packages:



MIT  ·  GitHub @hack4impact-uiuc  ·  Website

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