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Philadelphia READS Web App CircleCI

We partnered with the non-profit Philadelphia READS to help them create a tablet-friendly web application that would serve as a supplement to one of their core reading programs.

About Philadelphia READS

Philadelphia READS aims to provide access to books and community programs to foster a love of reading and increase literacy in Philadelphia. They do this through four core literacy programs: Power Partners, Reading Olympics, the Jacoby Book Bank and Summer READS. Through these programs, they serve approximately 27,800 children and 600 educators annually.

The Problem

Philadelphia READS provides out-of-school programs to increase literacy rates among grade-school students. One of these programs is the yearly Reading Olympics. Teams of students read books from a specified book list and prepare to answer questions about the books. One drawback is that these programs are all tied to in-person interactions and Philadelphia READS does not have resources for students while they are at home or on the go.

Our Solution

We worked with Philadelphia READs and their professionals to develop a tablet-friendly web application that allows students to prepare for the Reading Olympics, and provides helpful information for parents on how to be involved in their children's learning.

More information and additional features can be found here


A website that allows students to complete quizzes and earn badges in order to prepare for the annual Philadelphia READS Reading Olympics.






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