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Ideas & Requests

From City of Reno

  • Crowdsourcing application to help with idea development (vote up/vote down)
  • Police Dept application to pull RMC (Reno Municipal Code) - mimic NRS For Cops

From Donica (contact me if any of these sound interesting)

  • News in your Neighborhood App -- This app could geocode news stories and display them on a city map -- the news could be from the RGJ and TV stations; we could add news blogs, Twitter feeds, etc. to provide users with a real-time updated map of all the news happening in their neighborhood. Could even add police data and other city information modeled on the "Everyblock" project.

  • School Calendar app would provide calendar schedules by school and sent texts to parents for any changes to the school calendar (early release days, testing days, snow days, etc.). Eventually the app could include other school data, including testing scores, graduation rates, teaching awards, school needs, etc.

  • Reno City of Trees App would enable users to use their location to learn about nearby trees. The Reno City Arborist has a database that could be used to create games about trees, help people identify the important trees in their neighborhoods, learn taxonomic names, find unusual/tall trees etc.

  • Nevada Environmental Dashboard App would track key environmental datapoints for Nevada -- the app could start with showing the lake levels of Tahoe, Mead and Pyramid, the water flow in the Truckee, the snow pack on Mt. Rose, rainfall at selected stations, average temperature by day/week/month historically. Other metrics could be added over time but it would allow users to watch environmental change as it happens.

  • Nevada Riches App would track the weight, location and value of all minerals being mined in Nevada by week/year, type of mineral, and mining company.

  • Reno Calendar App -- this isn't new but as Colin said, it's something everyone in town wants. Does someone need help working on this?

  • Reno Energy Consumption Meter -- this app could track the energy consumption of the city by type of fuel and department and track trends over time. If we had the data, we could have neighborhood energy consumption figures with competitions for neighborhoods that reduced energy use or switched to alternative fuels, etc. Or the consumption meter could be by city for the entire state.