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For some awesome, somewhat laggy video details on the event, check out this video.


Saturday - December 1st

  • 10am - Registration starts & team matchmaking
  • Noon - 24 hour hackathon begins
  • 5:30pm - Dinner

Sunday - December 2nd

  • 9am - Breakfast (sponsored by NIREC)
  • Noon - 24 hours hackathon ends
  • Noon - Lunch and Demo prep (sponsored by Trinity AI)
  • 1pm - Demo presentations

Snacks, water, caffeine (red bull, sodas, coffee) will be available thanks to sponsorship from Cloudsnap and Noble Studios but plan ahead and bring some things.

The hackathon is 24 hours long but you can come and go as you please from the event.


Parking is free for all as it is the university and we do not have parking permits. Please keep in mind it will be a game day so coming/going around the time of the game will be difficult.


If you do not have a team, you can try to form teams between 10am and Noon. At noon, we will help you to find a team if you do not yet have one.


If you have signed up to spectate, you're welcome to come by the event at any time to see how things are progressing or come on down and work on other projects. If you signed up to spectate but think you could participate (not all the participants need to be develoepers as there is plenty of research, data cleaning, etc to be done in some teams), please let us know at colin@renocollective.com

If you want to see what comes from Hack4Reno this year, the best way to do so is to attend the Demo Presentations at 1pm.


Can't code? Or still learning? That is OK!

You do not have to build a new application from scratch, we will be deploying a number of applications from the Code for America directory of open source, community maintained applications... for Reno! These applications will need developers, designers, content creators, journalists, city planners and much more to flesh out in order to make them usable by the community.


The Reno Code for America Brigade be formed at Hack4Reno and exist as a group to maintain these projects and to organize more events to hack our city.



At noon on Sunday, we'll call the hackathon to a close. At this time, lunch will be available and you will have an hour to prepare a demo of sorts. Do not wait until this time to think of a demo! It always helps in hackathons to think about what you'd like to demo and work backwards from that to decide what you should build.


This event couldn't be possible without our awesome sponsors! Each organization will be in attendance and we encourage you to meet them as they will be participating as well!

Reno Collective

Delamare Science & Engineering Library, UNR

Trinity Applied Internet


Noble Studios


New Leaders


You do NOT have to print your tickets for the event. Save those trees!

Happy hacking everyone!