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Welcome to CityPie

An AWESOME application for the City of Reno <3 Feel free to create a merge request



  • Add slugs to everything
  • Store passwords properly
  • Switch to a decent login token instead of trusting users to send a legit user_id (sorry)
  • Flesh out user info a little better
    • usernames
    • info
    • picture handling
    • proper stats tracking
  • Get Badges working
    • badge add/edit/delete
    • image handling
  • Get Quests working
  • Get votes working
  • Get the quiz task type working
  • Get the event task type working (location + date)
  • Start an admin area with full CRUD action for all data
  • Is there a decent mongo framework?
  • Throw away user page UI, replace it with JSON backend

Web Front End:

  • I pretty much want to nuke this from orbit.
  • Duplicate the mobile app functionality in a simple, responsive, templated (omg) setup.
  • Home page needs STUFF
  • Pretty much all data needs to be browsable with or without an account

Mobile app:

  • Chase backend updates
  • Send location for location type tasks


  • Design a sweet, printable QR template, "Scan me to earn your 'Wingfield Park' badge"
  • Content++
  • Sombreros
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