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%title Hackadelphia User Group
%link{:rel => "stylesheet", :type => "text/css", :href => "site.css"}
%div Hackadelphia
%div{:style => "font-size: 0.5em"} A development and mentorship user group.
Like to hack? Like to tell people about what you're hacking on? Come join us at
Hackadelphia! We're a group of coders who get together in the Philadelphia metro
area to hack and share ideas. We're a pan-technological group who accept people
regardless of technology (though we can't promise that COBOL users won't get
strange looks). The basic idea is to have people spending nights hacking in the
presence of other hackers.
So, how's it work? We're very freeform. If you want to come hack with us, please
do. If you're looking for something to hack on, please see our wiki and match
up your skillset with one of our mentors. Or, if you're in charge of a project
or in contact with those who are, please email Erik and he'll get you listed on
our Looking for Hackers (LFH) board.
Our goals in running Hackadelphia are varied. Primarily we want to get people
hacking on code, regardless of what the code is. But beyond that, getting people
outside of their technology's echo chamber is also an important goal. This isn't
to say that we want to open the floodgates of advocacy, but rather that we want
to engender an atmosphere where people using different technologies can steal
one anothers' good ideas for the greater benefit of hackers everywhere. In this
way, Hackadelphia is a bit like old world guilds: a group of people practicing a
broad trade (like masonry or carpentry) organizing together to train and learn
from one another in order to further the craft as a whole. Advocacy is only
welcome insofar as a way for people to learn how their peers have solved a
problem so they may solve it in the same way.
For now, we're pretty ad-hoc as we get things together.
%a{:href => ""} Join the mailing list.
Please feel free to contact us via
%a{:href => ""} email
\-- more coming soon!