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## Creating a Localization
-It's possible to localize the goggles, although it's not currently as
-easy as it ought to be. The following steps assume that the localization
-is for `es` (Spanish); just replace this country code with whatever language
-you're creating a localization for.
+Localizing the goggles is easy! Just translate [webxray.pot][] on
-1. Copy `src/locale/en.js` to `src/locale/es.js` and edit it.
-2. Replace the line `var locale = "en"` with `var locale = "es"`.
-3. Translate all strings that appear to be English.
-4. Save the file and make sure it's encoded as UTF-8.
-Localizations are activated automatically at runtime by examining
+Note that localizations are activated automatically at runtime by examining
`navigator.language`. This can be manipulated in Firefox by changing
the [Languages][] preference.
+ [webxray.pot]:
## Updating JQuery

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