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Touch toolbar fades in and out as input is activated/deactivated. Thi…

…s fixes a bug whereby the toolbar was visible while the user was in CSS editing mode, and interacting with it caused unpredictable changes in program state.

Technically, the toolbar can be used while input is deactivated and the toolbar is in the process of fading out. If this is a problem, we can either fix the bug or just have the toolbar instantly show/hide.
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1 parent 7628660 commit eb49e3dcd3623ab7d8296d971ede9e740fae3499 @toolness toolness committed Apr 9, 2012
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@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@
+ input.on('activate', function() { toolbar.fadeIn(); });
+ input.on('deactivate', function() { toolbar.fadeOut(); });
return {
unload: function() {

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