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Hack Aye

Rights and Expectations for Work and Participation

What rights do you / should you have in terms of work, income and participating in your community?

  • an income that allows you to:
  • eat well
  • live in safe, comfortable, healthy accomodation
  • live debt-free
  • enjoy leisure time with friends and family
  • a job that stimulates and challenges you
  • be valued for your contribution
  • have a say in the way things are managed
  • influence the overall direction of your organisation
  • have a say in local democracy (decisions made about your community)
  • access to learning opportunities
  • ?

If you disagree with any of these or would like more added, create a pull request or open an issue and start a discussion about how you see work, money and participation.

This project is part of the >ZERO campaign against "zero culture" #betterthanzero.