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The bridges tying Hack Club's services together. (WIP) Illustrated below by @maxwofford.

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Our previous API was really good at a couple things. It hasn't been touched in years and it's still providing password-less authentication as a service at scale.

Hack Club (HQ & community) needs a service for easily reading & writing information that will last the test of time the same way our original API still handles authentication. Airbridge will create this by providing a JSON interface to an Airtable backend.

Try the latest version here: v0.1

Version list:

Developing & Contributing

# Set it up locally
git clone && cd airbridge

# Run locally with nodemon
yarn dev # then, go to localhost:5000/ping in your browser

# Run tests
yarn test

# Run specific tests
yarn test tests/v0/routes.test.js # (your choice of testfile here)