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The bridges tying Hack Club's services together. Illustrated below.

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What's new?

tl;dr this is update with scoped access and special Airbridge API tokens

V0.2 brings in the concept of auth files. You can check out a starter template if you want to write your own.

Authenticated vs unauthenticated requests are simplified now. If you don't authenticate your request, you'll automatically be authenticated to the public auth file. If you need access to fields or tables that shouldn't be publicly viewable, you can make your own auth file. You'll then be given an Airbridge API Key by a staff member (please ping us so we get back to you quickly!) you can use to access the private data listed in your auth file.

Is there a field you want access to & are fine with other people seeing it? Add it to the public auth file so you can pull the data from Airbridge without having to use any API keys.

There's also a new route for looking up specific records:

Oh, last but not least, new name! api2 -> airbridge. Your old services will still work; old requests to will be redirected to


Airbridge relies on JSON passed in the select url param. When I write:

// Operations/Clubs
  maxRecords: 1,
  fields: ["Name", "Latitude"]

you should try this:

Browser example
fetch('{"maxRecords":1,"fields":["Name","Latitude"]}').then(res => console.log(res))
Terminal example
curl '{"maxRecords":1,"fields":["Name","Latitude"]}'