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2020-08-25: Goblin is no longer being maintained, supported, or developed by Hack Club HQ.


Goblin is a Slack bot that integrates with Hack Club Bank 🐲


  • @goblin help: Display help text.
  • @goblin hello: Make some witty comment about money in the cloud.
  • @goblin stats: Reports HCB stats.
  • @goblin apply: Apply to Hack Club Bank! Shows the application link.
  • @goblin faq: Shows a link to the FAQ page.
  • @goblin bug: Report a bug! Redirects user to the #bank-counter channel.


Currently, there's a bug in goblin's dependency nlopes/slack caused by Slack releasing an API update that contains a new rich_text field after their rich text editor rollout. Until the mainline of the slack Go library fixes this, build goblin with

go get -u build with a version of nlopes/slack that works with the new rich text API.

Build with go build cmd/goblin.go.

Run with ./goblin. Goblin should automatically connect to Slack and start handling messages!


We deploy goblin as a systemd service on Linux:

  1. Create a new user goblin on Linux with sudo adduser goblin
  2. Build the executable and place it at /home/goblin/goblin
  3. Copy over the systemd service file goblin.service to /etc/systemd/system/goblin.service and replace the your api token with your Slack API Bot OAuth token
  4. Start the service with sudo systemctl start goblin

Add a command

To add a new command to Goblin:

  1. Add a new file that'll define that command. Let's say you're adding a goodbye command to say goodbye to Slack users. First, add pkg/goblin/goodbye_command.go.
  2. In that file, define a command that conforms to the gobline.Command interface defined in pkg/goblin/command.go. You can base your command on help_command.go, which is a pretty bare-bones command that knows how to respond to a particular message and generate a response.
  3. Add your command to the client in pkg/goblin/client.go. Add a new line where it says // Add new commands here to create a new instance of your command.
  4. Add a line or two about the command you just added in both help_command.go and to help users discover your new command.


Goblin is a Slack bot that integrates with Hack Club Bank 🐲



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