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The following is a general template for the constitution of your Hack Club. Replace anything that looks LIKE_THIS with the appropriate values for your school.

We suggest that you make any other changes to your constitution that you feel would better suit your school. A sample constitution can be found here

Hack Club Constitution and Bylaws

Article 1 – Name, Purpose, and Authority

The name of the organization will be “Hack Club” of YOUR_HIGH_SCHOOL. Hack Club is a club that teaches coding to students in a way that empowers them to build things and solve problems.

This club will be a chapter of the broader "Hack Club" initiative, which provides support and resources to the club itself.

Article II – Membership

All students enrolled in YOUR_HIGH_SCHOOL are eligible for membership. The only requirements for attendance are a willingness to participate and a passion for learning. Members are fully expected to embody Hack Club’s code of conduct, which can be found here: A current roster of members will be available upon request.

Article III – Meetings and Activities

Meetings will be held on DAYS_YOUR_CLUB_MEETS at SPECIFIED_TIME in LOCATION_YOUR_CLUB_MEETS unless a special meeting is called. The schedule of meetings will vary based on curriculum and activities being ran.

Article IV – Club Officers

Note: This section is left purposefully ambiguous to accommodate for your school's leadership requirements.

The club officers shall consist of students who work together to lead club activities and contact the greater Hack Club organization.

Article V – Duties

The club officers will have the following duties:

  • To plan and prepare club activities
  • To attend all club meetings
  • To lead workshops
  • To maintain contact with the greater Hack Club organization
  • To continually improve the club based on member feedback

Article VI – Elections / Succession Plan

The club will hold the election of officers once a year, at the end of the school year. Those willing will apply for the position and will be interviewed by the current president and faculty advisor. The successive officers will be chosen based on their maturity, dedication, and passion for Hack Club's mission.

Article VII – Removal of Officers

Every club officer will be held to an extremely high standard of proper conduct as detailed in If an officer or member violates the rules of this code of conduct (insulting, discrimination, harassment, etc.), the officer will be warned and asked to stop. If the officer or member does not stop, they will be removed and permanently banned from participating in the club. Members should report explicitly forbidden behavior to the faculty advisor.

Article VIII – Amendment

The staff sponsor and active club officers must be in complete agreement to amend any part of this club constitution.

We approve this constitution for the YOUR_HIGH_SCHOOL Hack Club for the 2016-2017 school year.

Put any necessary staff and leader signatures here