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Hack Club Shipit Platform

Welcome to the new era of spaghetti one-pager. By @jsneak & @mj66

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About this platform

The Shipit Platform runs on Firebase, with other resources from Rebrandly, jQuery, Font Awesome, Handlebars.js, Toastr.js, and a modified version of Bulma.css. Click on them to see their licenses.

Shipit Community Guidelines

Not much to explain: be appropriate, and respect other people's work. This includes your peer's posted projects and the platform.

Things that you need to fill in for each submission:

  • Name: The name of the project. The name needs to be your actural project name, and a catchy title will get you more audiences!
  • Author: In most situations, this part is already filled with your GitHub profile name. Feel free to replace it with your GitHub handle, or your co-developer's name(s) and handle(s).
  • Description: Some details about your project. What is it supposed to do? How is it unique? How did you come up with the idea? If you were following a Hack Club Workshop, include that, too.
  • Live link: A link linking to your working demo. If your project is not a website, link to your download page.
  • Code link: A link linking to the source code of your project. It can be a GitHub repository, a GitLab repository, or just a simple Cloud9 project.

You should be following the Hack Club Code of Conduct at any time.

Contributing & Debugging

Contributions and exploitations are welcome! But since this platform may contain a lot of data, make sure you are following the following guidelines while contributing:

  1. Check out the Hack Club Contribution Guidelines. Unless otherwise stated, please follow the same guidelines.
  2. The commit messages do not need to be too formal... but please be informative, because it will make things easier for us. Aside from that, feel free to make us laugh!
  3. Do not directly exploit on the running server. We'll be running a private server for active development, so when you think you’ve found a bug or a possible security vulnerbility, talk to us (@mj66 & @jsneak) first on slack!
  4. If you would like another functionality on the platform, feel free to talk to us! The #shipit-plat channel on the Slack channel has been created for development discussions.


  • Check out PROPHET ORPHEUS'S DIARY, a blog of the Shipit Platform where we post platform updates and featured projects periodically!


The Shipit Platform is open source under the GNU General Public License v3.0.