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🌈 The new, new Hack Club website (uses Next.js & Theme UI).


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The source code for

Hack Club's new website. This codebase is what runs on For new developers getting started, run the following in your terminal:

Download the code to your computer:

$ git clone && cd site

Install dependencies:

$ yarn

Start running the website on your computer:

$ yarn dev

And then open up your web browser and go to localhost:3000.

Please note: There are a number of redirects and rewrites essential to the website's functionality, which you can see in next.config.mjs.

Powered by Next.js with MDX, Theme UI, & Hack Club Theme.

Code under MIT License, assets may not be re-used or re-distributed.


Join us in building Hack Club's homepage and show new hackers what Hack Club could be for them 💖.

See something that could be better? Make a PR! Have an easter egg idea? Make a PR! Is the site missing something? Make a PR! (Do you see a trend? :))

If you need to add content to the site, here's how you can:

Create a new card Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 9 09 55 PM

Most things on the homepage are cards, modular components that can easily be added and removed according to relevancy to Hack Clubbers. There are 3 main sections: connection, open-source, and IRL community. Most new cards will likely fall within the first two sections!

First, you can create a new file under components/index/cards with the name of your new event/project. Next add import CardModel from './card-model' and add whatever you want :) Finally, use a component (import Buttons from './button') to highlight call-to-action buttons. If it's the main button, use the primary prop to add a background color!

Your challenge: try and make the card as unique as possible, like a mini poster! Not sure where to start? Look at other cards on the page :)

Add to the carousel Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 9 09 11 PM

If there's a Hack Club or Hack Club community-led project (past or present) that Hack Clubbers can get involved in, please add it to lib/carousel.json and add your card to the end of the json file. An example looks like this:

    "background": "dark",
    "titleColor": "white",
    "descriptionColor": "white",
    "title": "Hackers Wanted",
    "description": "Our open love letter to hackers",
    "img": "",
    "link": "/hackers-wanted"

Every week, thousands of people visit What story to you want to tell?

Have questions? Join us in #hackclub-site-dev and to learn more about the style guide at Hack Club check this out

Hack Club, 2024. MIT License.