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#sprig - The main channel for all things Sprig!

#sprig-platform - Discussions of development of the Sprig platform as a whole.

#sage - Sage seeds shipped to Hack Cubbers.

#sdsprig - Making the Sprig console utilize the SD card slot.

#spriggy-doom - Trying to run and make doom for the Sprig.

#sprig-multiplayer - Multiplayer support on the Sprig console.

#vs-sprig - VS Code extension for making Sprig games.

#sprig-gaming-controller - Case for the sprig to make it a portable gaming controller.

#sprig-minecraft - Minecraft clone for the Sprig.

#spade - The operating system for the Sprig console.

#sprigos-development - Development of another operating system, SprigOS.

#spaint - Share art made with Sprig.