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Hack Club Summer of Making

53 years ago, 100,000 people gathered in San Francisco for what was later called the Summer of Love.

Welcome to the Hack Club Summer of Making. It’s not an event, or a program with a start/end date. It’s a theme for the summer and a challenge to everyone reading this: this summer, what will you make? What will you learn? What will you build?

We’re doing a few big things to support you, including giving out $50,000 in free electronics (thanks GitHub!) and building a Snapchat streaks-like system for learning, but really the Summer of Making is about you.

We don't want to descend from above with a "program" for you to do. If this is going to be the best summer ever, it'll be because of what you all choose to hack on & learn from.

Will you choose to push yourself outside your comfort zone, whether it's building your first website or a model rocket? What about using React.js for the first time or constructing a smart mirror?

At Hack Club, we're going to do everything we can to support you. There are four ways to get started:

  1. Get a Summer of Making sticker in the mailRequest one here. We are printing thousands and will be shipping to everyone who requests.
  2. Have GitHub buy you electronics for your hardware project. We are giving $50,000 in hardware grants from GitHub to fund electronics projects. Applications are open today. Learn more and apply with an idea. Priority is given to existing Hack Club members.
  3. Show up every day in #scrapbook, sharing photo and video updates from your learning and getting a beautiful portfolio. See the in-progress projects at (see Zach's). You can even customize your CSS and set up a custom domain.
  4. Weekly Zoom events shared in #announcements: All summer, Melody & others from the Hack Club team are running weekly live events, including coding workshops, show & tells, office hours, how to customize your scrapbook with custom CSS, and more. Log on to the Hack Club Slack to participate.

It's a strange time. So why not make something? (Thu, Jun 18, 2020)

By @sampoder & @lachlanjc for Hack Club, 2020. MIT License.


☀️ Recap website for Hack Club’s Summer of Making 2020, built with Next.js + Theme UI.




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