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BWU-Java (JNIBWAPI Utility Layer)

In the future, I believe in creating a very simple and comfortable API for accesing SC:BW and possibly a framework to support unit control and management. I honestly hope it does many things from the goal right now.

BWU-Java uses JNIBWAPI (which uses BWAPI) to create a simple API for controlling StarCraft: Broodwar mainly for purposes of creating and testing artificial intelligence algorithms.

Current version

Current version of BWU-Java uses:

This project is currently under heavy development. It can be used to write simple micro bots, but it's not recommended for huge full game bot development yet. It has been used in StarCraft Micro AI Tournament 2 & 3 to build fully functional bot that achieved 2nd place in the Experienced part of the tournament.

Where to start (TODO)

If you are new to BWU-Java, best start for you is to look in the tutorials folder in the repository. You will find an example to build a simple sample bot capable of playing simple micro match from the scratch.

What is where

This repository contains few other things apart from pure BWU-Java (package sk.hackcraft.bwu).

  • Pure JNIBWAPI which bwu-java uses as a backbone, package jnibwapi
  • Sample bot as a sample for random bot walk thorugh the map in package sk.hackcraft.bwu.sample

Code samples

Is my unit of a certain type? (Really crappy in pure JNIBWAPI)

return myUnit.getType() == UnitType.UnitTypes.Terran_Marine; // that's the way i like it!

You want to get a center of all visible enemy units? Easy!

Vector2D enemyCenter = game.getEnemyUnits().where(UnitSelector.IS_VISIBLE).getArithmeticCenter(); // yes, this easy

Are there more than 3 units in range of my sieged tank?

// just, say it...
return game.getEnemyUnits()
			new DistanceSelector(unit), 
		.size() > 3;

We want first enemy unit in range of our ghost to lock down, prioritized by: Battlecruiser, than Tank

// simple, but really useful
Unit lockdownTarget = game.getEnemyUnits().whereLessOrEqual(new DistanceSelector(ghost), range).firstOf(

Are my units at a certain specified position? Decides, if the average distance of all units from certain position is less or equal than tolerance.

// obvious, but clean
game.getMyUnits().areAt(certainPosition, tolerance);


This software is released under BSD license (as seen in LICENSE.md file). It uses parts of LGPL licensed software (JNIBWAPI).