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# The Hackday Manifesto

Adding yourself as a supporter

Fork this repository and create a content/supporters/{your-name}/ file, this file should resemble the following:

date: 2017-12-27
name: John Doe
organisation: Fake Inc.
The current date
Your full name as you expect it to show in the supporters section
If provided it will be shown alongside your name in the supporters section
If provided it will turn your name into a link in the supporters section

Commit your changes, push them to github, create a pull request and one of our helpful contributors will have it merged in.


The manifesto content can be found in content/ and the body section is a markdown document.

You can either edit the file in a text editor or launch the lektor admin and edit it from there.

Running locally

The hack day manifesto uses Lektor to render the web content, and docker-compose to run locally.

To get the development server running in order to see live previews of your changes or to use the lektor admin run the following command:

docker-compose up

The site will now be accessible at http://localhost:5000/