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@@ -235,7 +235,8 @@ with your attendees for dietary requirements: food allergies, vegetarians,
vegans and people with dietary restrictions. Make provisions to ensure
they are provided for equally. If you're on a budget, prioritise
allergies and vegan alternatives; the vegan alternative will satisfy
-most non-allergy based requirements.
+most non-allergy based requirements. Common food allergies include milk,
+eggs, nuts, fish, shellfish, soya, and wheat (gluten).
### Breakfast
@@ -267,7 +268,9 @@ attendees throughout the event.
### Snacks
Chocolate, sweets, biscuits, fruit, crisps, etc. should be freely available to
-attendees throughout the event. Try to ensure there are healthy options too.
+attendees throughout the event. Try to ensure there are healthy options too.
+Fresh fruit, nuts and vegetable platters can provide sustainable high energy levels to
+developers through out an event.
### Alcohol
@@ -603,6 +606,7 @@ not just successful, but enjoyable as well. Good luck!
* [Richard Kastelein]( TV Hackfest Organiser (London, San Francisco)
* [Daigo Fujiwara]( Founder, Boston Baseball Hack Day
* [James Smith]( Cleanweb UK
+* [Aaron Franco] ( CTO at ClickSlide Limited
[Fork this project on GitHub][github], add yourself, and send us a pull request.

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