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@@ -394,6 +394,13 @@ prize for it relatively small, and give attendees a one-time token (a code on
the reverse of their pass for large events, or a physical item for smaller ones)
in order to vote.
+### Judge selection
+The judges for your hack day should reflect the nature of your event.
+For standard hack days, judges should be primarily technical or knowledgable in the relevant thematic area (eg. musicians judging Music Hack Day).
+Try to avoid having businesspeople (VCs, non-technical founders, journalists, etc.) judge technical events, as it encourages hackers to build prototype businesses, not interesting hacks.
+Your judging panel should be chosen to allow participants to win a hack day based purely on technical merit, even if the hack is completely impractical as a business.
### Judge previews _Optional_
If possible, let the judges meet all the teams for a few minutes, a couple of
@@ -598,6 +605,7 @@ not just successful, but enjoyable as well. Good luck!
* [Chris Weekly](
* [Sam Smith]( organiser, ex-RS, wears semi-contradictory hats
* [Johan Uhle]( Freenerd, Music Hack Day organizer
+<<<<<<< HEAD
* [Tim Messerschmidt]( Developer Evangelist, PayPal
* [Matthew Forr]( Baltimore Hackathon Organizer
* [Joel Franusic]( Developer Evangelist, Twilio
@@ -607,6 +615,7 @@ not just successful, but enjoyable as well. Good luck!
* [Daigo Fujiwara]( Founder, Boston Baseball Hack Day
* [James Smith]( Cleanweb UK
* [Aaron Franco] ( CTO at ClickSlide Limited
+* [Jonathan Gottfried]( Developer Evangelist at Twilio, hackathon organizer
[Fork this project on GitHub][github], add yourself, and send us a pull request.

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