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LaunchRock Invites for All Disrupt Hackers

LaunchRock makes it easy to put up a viral launching soon page in a couple of minutes. Once you've chosen your domain name, put up a LaunchRock page and start seeing who is interested in your idea.

We love TechCrunch and hackathons even more, so you can get an invite to our private beta by going to and use "tcdisrupt" as the invitation code.

If you've got any questions, need help, whatever, Jameson will be watching his email all weekend. Just email jameson [at] launchrock [dot] com.

Crossrider Invites Hackathoners to Build Amazing Cross Browser Extensions

With the Crossrider API, you can create fully functional cross browser extensions in a matter of hours. PERFECT if you are planing something like an extension for the 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon.

We are giving out free beta invites for the Hackathon participants. Request yours here:

or email us to:

Just to "entice your imagination", here is a little something we "hacked" in about 4-5 hours when Goole +1 was announced:

After getting your invite (which you all going to get) we encourage going thru our Demo Apps for a really quick kick start. (

For more information and inquiries, don't hesitate to contact:

Introducing the GroupMe client library & API

Hey Hackers, we're happy to introduce our client library and API to you today at the Hackathon. You can easily embed GroupMe's features into your iPhone & Android apps with only a few lines of code, or use the API endpoints to build whatever you'd like.

Come to our API workshop at 3pm at the Hackathon We've got a blog post up announcing the release: To request api access email

Free Servers Courtesy of (mt) Media Temple for Hackers

Hackathon participants, if you want to save some money and resources while building the next Disrupt Hackathon winner, (mt) has you covered. As supporters of such voracious development, we’re contributing (ve) or (dv) service to each team participating in the Hackathon.

The (ve) is (mt)’s utility VPS, giving you control to assemble the environment you need and to serve your product flawlessly. BEFORE the Hackathon begins, follow the steps below to open a (ve) or (dv)4 512 GB, courtesy of (mt), and give your team a winning edge.

What do you get? (ve) or (dv)4 512 GB box for one (1) month

How do you get it? Contact: lilly [at] Give the name you’ve registered for the TechCrunch Hackathon and Lilly will give you further instruction.

Lightweight, Real-time Wiki for Hackathon Participants

Hackers, create a free workspace for your team to simultaneously collaborate on product ideas, development setup steps and content. Contact: euwyn [at]

Organize your project and share your progress with the world


contact: info [at]

A place to start putting info(just sign in, select a line, and hit enter to start contributing:

Free GitHub Organization

You are awesome, GitHub is awesome, you + GitHub = even more awesome. If your Hackathon project is open source and public, read no further: GitHub will always be free for open source.

If your Hackathon project is private and secret, we've got you covered: all Hackathon participants get a free Bronze GitHub Organization for one (1) month starting… whenever you ask for it.

Email BEFORE the event and we'll give you further instructions. Please include the name you used to register for the event, and mention that it's for the TechCrunch Hackathon.

SimpleGeo Demo

Developer Advocate Andrew Mager will be hanging out at TechCrunch Disrupt all weekend. Ping him if you want a quick 10 minute demo of SimpleGeo's APIs.

Contact: andrew at

SimpleAuth - Social Sign On, Multi-point Sharing, Contacts for Free

By developers, for developers, SimpleAuth makes it easy to implement Single Sign On, Multi-point Sharing, & Social Contacts. Sample code & full docs are available once you log create your free account at

BUG Labs - Modular hardware for physical hacks

BUG Labs has a few of its BUGs with gps, touchscreen, GPIO and camera modules. The base has wifi, bluetooth, ethernet and runs linux + the full java/OSGi stack. If you are interested in making a hack that affects the physical world, join the BUG@Disrupt GroupMe

Questions? Need help? Contact: support at

Storify - Social media storytelling

Storify was a Techcrunch Disrupt SF finalist

Storify provides an easy drag and drop interface to tell stories with tweets, youtube videos, flickr images, facebook statuses and much more. Stories can be accessed via an API as simple as appending '.json' to any story url (e.g. the JSON for the story can be accessed on We also have a Write API to programmatically add elements from the web to any story. @xdamman will be at the event. Ping him on Twitter for any questions.