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import time
import typing
import attr
from .year import Months
from .travel import fly, AirportProblem
class Busy(RuntimeError):
"""Raised when Adventurer is busy."""
def pack(adventurer):
print(f"{adventurer.profile} {} is packing πŸ‘œ")
@attr.s(auto_attribs=True, kw_only=True)
class Adventurer:
name: str
location: str
profile: str
_availability: typing.List = attr.ib(repr=False)
_calendar: typing.Dict = attr.ib(repr=False, init=False)
_getting_ready: typing.List[typing.Callable] = attr.ib(repr=False)
_ready: bool = attr.ib(repr=False, default=False, init=False)
def __str__(self):
return f"{self.profile} {}"
def default_activities(self):
return [pack]
def default_availability(self):
return list(Months)
def __attrs_post_init__(self):
self._calendar = {
month: month in self._availability for month in Months
def hello(self):
print(f"{self.profile} Hello, my name is {}!")
def rsvp(self, event):
available = self._calendar[event.month]
if not available:
raise Busy(f"{self} sorry, I'm busy!")
self._calendar[event.month] = False
def get_ready(self):
if self._ready is not True:
for activity in self._getting_ready:
self._ready = True
return self._ready
def travel_to(self, event):
if self.location != event.location:
location = fly(self.location, event.location)
except AirportProblem as exc:
print(f"{self}'s flight was cancelled 😞 {exc}")
f"{self} is travelling: "
f"{self.location} ✈️ {event.location}"
self.location = location
def new_panda(name, **kwargs):
def eat(panda):
for i in range(4):
print(f"{panda.profile} {} is eating... 🌱")
kwargs.setdefault("location", "Asia")
return Adventurer(
name=name, profile="🐼", getting_ready=[eat, pack], **kwargs
def new_bear(name, **kwargs):
kwargs.setdefault("location", "North America")
kwargs.setdefault("availability", [Months.JUN, Months.JUL, Months.AUG])
return Adventurer(name=name, profile="🐻", **kwargs)
def new_tiger(name, **kwargs):
# Tigers travel light; do not pack
kwargs.setdefault("location", "Asia")
return Adventurer(name=name, profile="🐯", getting_ready=[], **kwargs)
def new_koala(name, **kwargs):
kwargs.setdefault("location", "Australia")
return Adventurer(name=name, profile="🐨", **kwargs)
def new_lion(name, **kwargs):
kwargs.setdefault("location", "Africa")
return Adventurer(name=name, profile="🦁", **kwargs)
def new_frog(name, **kwargs):
kwargs.setdefault("location", "South America")
return Adventurer(name=name, profile="🐸", **kwargs)
def new_fox(name, **kwargs):
kwargs.setdefault("location", "Europe")
return Adventurer(name=name, profile="🦊", getting_ready=[pack], **kwargs)
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