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Plugin for generating Markdown reports for pytest results 馃摑


pytest-md is available on PyPI for Python versions 3.6 and newer and can be installed into your enviroment from your terminal via pip:

$ pip install pytest-md


The following example code produces all of the different pytest test outcomes.

import random
import pytest

def test_failed():
    assert "emoji" == "hello world"

def test_xfailed():
    assert random.random() == 1.0

def test_xpassed():
    assert 0.0 < random.random() < 1.0

@pytest.mark.skip(reason="don't run this test")
def test_skipped():
    assert "pytest-emoji" != ""

    "name, expected",
        ("Sara", "Hello Sara!"),
        ("Mat", "Hello Mat!"),
        ("Annie", "Hello Annie!"),
def test_passed(name, expected):
    assert f"Hello {name}!" == expected

def number():
    return 1234 / 0

def test_error(number):
    assert number == number

With pytest-md installed, you can now generate a Markdown test report as follows:

$ pytest --md
# Test Report

*Report generated on 25-Feb-2019 at 17:18:29 by [pytest-md]*


## Summary

8 tests ran in 0.05 seconds

- 1 failed
- 3 passed
- 1 skipped
- 1 xfailed
- 1 xpassed
- 1 error


pytest-md also integrates with pytest-emoji, which allows us to include emojis in the generated Markdown test report:

$ pytest --emoji -v --md
# Test Report

*Report generated on 25-Feb-2019 at 17:18:29 by [pytest-md]* 馃摑


## Summary

8 tests ran in 0.06 seconds 鈴

- 1 failed 馃槹
- 3 passed 馃槂
- 1 skipped 馃檮
- 1 xfailed 馃槥
- 1 xpassed 馃槻
- 1 error 馃槨


This project is inspired by the fantastic pytest-html plugin! 馃捇


Would you like to contribute to pytest-md? You're awesome! 馃槂

Please check out the good first issue label for tasks, that are good candidates for your first contribution to pytest-md. Your contributions are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.

Please note that pytest-md is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

Join the pytest-md community! 馃實馃審馃寧


Distributed under the terms of the MIT license, pytest-md is free and open source software.