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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="us-ascii"?>
<version version="0.4" date="">
<ni>maintain persistent photo status to help fighting duplicate uploads</ni>
<ni>greatly reduced memory usage by streaming file instead of buffering</ni>
<version version="0.3" date="January 21st, 2012">
<ni>supports whatever file type card is willing to send now</ni>
<ni>optimized integrity digest calculation memory usage</ni>
<ni>report the lack of config file for the card</ni>
<ni>do some startup checks for config files</ni>
<ni>minor bugfixes and improvements</ni>
<version version="0.2" date="March 20th, 2011">
<ni>extract and store .log files supplied for geotagging purpose</ni>
<ni>added a sample script for geotagging photos based on the log file</ni>
<ni>improved compatibility with Geo X2 card</ni>
<ni>added script for post-processing uploaded photo (sort by exif
<ni>added utility to extract chunks from RIFF (video) files to assist in
automatic sorting of videos</ni>
<ni>minor internal changes</ni>
<version version="0.1" date="April 5th, 2009">
<ni>integrity digest verification</ni>
<ni>try to create upload directory if it doesn't exist</ni>
<version version="0.0" date="March 8th, 2009">
<ni>Initial release</ni>
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