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Standups and Meetings

Daily Checkins

  • Post your standup updates to Daily Standup Form which you can find here. These will be recorded. Slack notifies #general channel if you submit the form.
  • You’re required to submit the update every single day. Weekends are optional.
  • Please make sure your updates are detailed. Spend 5 mins doing it. 5 mins/day - that’s all you spend. You focus all on your work, and you can have calls with anyone in the team - all async.
  • It mandatory for everyone to checkin. If you miss these, you lose a half of your salary for the day.
  • Entire company checks in on the same channel together to make sure everyone is on the right page. People from Sales, Marketing, Admin, Engineering will be here and you will know updates from everyone in the team.
  • You can submit the form at your local time whenever you are done with your day.

Teamwide Checkins

  • Your manager will scheudle this for you. Talk to your manager for more details.
  • It's mandatory to attend.
  • They happen daily / bi-weekly / weekly. Your manager will decide how often and when this will happen.
  • Your manager will give you a zoom link to join. If you don't have one. Talk to your manager.
  • Your maanger will ping you on you team's general channel 5 mins before the standup time. If you don't see this ping, conatct your manager. If you don't hear from him in less than a minute, escalate to @nawazdhandala immediately.


  • Happens every month. Your manager will talk to you and schedule a time for this. Talk to your manager for more info.

For Managers:

  • The key to a good one-on-one meeting is the understanding that it is the direct report meeting rather than the manager’s meeting. During the meeting, since it’s the employee’s meeting, the manager should do 10 percent of the talking and 90 percent of the listening.

  • IMPORTANT: Have your direct report set an agenda and send it to you before the meeting.

  • Talk about anything you like. This can be work or non-work related.

  • You may use these questions to help open up your direct report a bit and get proper feedback.

    • If we could improve in any way, how would we do it?
    • What’s the number-one problem with our organization? Why?
    • What’s not fun about working here?
    • Who is really kicking ass in the company?
    • Whom do you admire?
    • If you were me, what changes would you make?
    • What don’t you like about the product?
    • What’s the biggest opportunity that we’re missing out on?
    • What are we not doing that we should be doing?
    • Are you happy working here?

Product Manager Checkins

  • These are ONLY for product managers and not for all employees.
  • Your manager will schedule this for you. This happens weekly at the same time. Talk to your manager for more details.
  • You may be required to demo the product or demo Key Performance Indicators for the product. Keep them handy.

Company Wide (Every Quarter)

  • They happen on 25th of March, 25th of June, 25th of September, 25th of December, at 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST). Block these dates on your calendar.
  • If 25th is the weekend, then these meetings will happen on the next weekday.
  • If you miss these a violation is registered against you.
  • This is essential for quarterly feedback, strategy discussions, progress report, and more.
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