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from zope.interface import Interface, Attribute
except ImportError:
class Interface:
"""A dummy interface base class"""
class Attribute:
"""A dummy attribute implementation"""
def __init__(self, doc):
self.doc = doc
_marker = object()
class IComponent(Interface):
Component is the base object for calendar, Event and the other
components defined in RFC 2445.
A component is like a dictionary with extra methods and attributes.
def __setitem__(name, value):
"""Set a property.
name - case insensitive name
value - value of the property to set. This can be either a single
item or a list.
Some iCalendar properties are set INLINE; these properties
have multiple values on one property line in the iCalendar
representation. The list can be supplied as a comma separated
string to __setitem__. If special iCalendar characters exist in
an entry, such as the colon (:) and (,), that comma-separated
entry needs to be quoted with double quotes. For example:
'foo, bar, "baz:hoi"'
See also set_inline() for an easier way to deal with this case.
def set_inline(name, values, encode=1):
"""Set list of INLINE values for property.
Converts a list of values into valid iCalendar comma seperated
string and sets value to that.
name - case insensitive name of property
values - list of values to set
encode - if True, encode Python values as iCalendar types first.
def add(name, value):
"""Add a property. Can be called multiple times to set a list.
name - case insensitive name
value - value of property to set or add to list for this property.
def add_component(component):
"""Add a nested subcomponent to this component.
# static method, can be called on class directly
def from_string(st, multiple=False):
"""Populates the component recursively from a iCalendar string.
Reads the iCalendar string and constructs components and
subcomponents out of it.
def __getitem__(name):
"""Get a property
name - case insensitive name
Returns an iCalendar property object such as vText.
def decoded(name, default=_marker):
"""Get a property as a python object.
name - case insensitive name
default - optional argument. If supplied, will use this if
name cannot be found. If not supplied, decoded will raise a
KeyError if name cannot be found.
Returns python object (such as unicode string, datetime, etc).
def get_inline(name, decode=1):
"""Get list of INLINE values from property.
name - case insensitive name
decode - decode to Python objects.
Returns list of python objects.
def as_string():
"""Render the component in the RFC 2445 (iCalendar) format.
Returns a string in RFC 2445 format.
subcomponents = Attribute("""
A list of all subcomponents of this component,
added using add_component()""")
name = Attribute("""
Name of this component (VEVENT, etc)
def walk(name=None):
"""Recursively traverses component and subcomponents.
name - optional, if given, only return components with that name
Returns sequence of components.
def property_items():
"""Return properties as (name, value) tuples.
Returns all properties in this comopnent and subcomponents as
name, value tuples.
class IEvent(IComponent):
"""A component which conforms to an iCalendar VEVENT.
class ITodo(IComponent):
"""A component which conforms to an iCalendar VTODO.
class IJournal(IComponent):
"""A component which conforms to an iCalendar VJOURNAL.
class IFreeBusy(IComponent):
"""A component which conforms to an iCalendar VFREEBUSY.
class ITimezone(IComponent):
"""A component which conforms to an iCalendar VTIMEZONE.
class IAlarm(IComponent):
"""A component which conforms to an iCalendar VALARM.
class ICalendar(IComponent):
"""A component which conforms to an iCalendar VCALENDAR.
class IPropertyValue(Interface):
"""An iCalendar property value.
iCalendar properties have strongly typed values.
This invariance should always be true:
assert x == vDataType.from_ical(vDataType(x).ical())
def ical():
"""Render property as string, as defined in iCalendar RFC 2445.
# this is a static method
def from_ical(ical):
"""Parse property from iCalendar RFC 2445 text.
Inverse of ical().
class IBinary(IPropertyValue):
"""Binary property values are base 64 encoded
class IBoolean(IPropertyValue):
"""Boolean property.
Also behaves like a python int.
class ICalAddress(IPropertyValue):
"""Email address.
Also behaves like a python str.
class IDateTime(IPropertyValue):
"""Render and generates iCalendar datetime format.
Important: if tzinfo is defined it renders itself as 'date with utc time'
Meaning that it has a 'Z' appended, and is in absolute time.
class IDate(IPropertyValue):
"""Render and generates iCalendar date format.
class IDuration(IPropertyValue):
"""Render and generates timedelta in iCalendar DURATION format.
class IFloat(IPropertyValue):
"""Render and generate floats in iCalendar format.
Also behaves like a python float.
class IInt(IPropertyValue):
"""Render and generate ints in iCalendar format.
Also behaves like a python int.
class IPeriod(IPropertyValue):
"""A precise period of time (datetime, datetime).
class IWeekDay(IPropertyValue):
"""Render and generate weekday abbreviation.
class IFrequency(IPropertyValue):
class IRecur(IPropertyValue):
"""Render and generate data based on recurrent event representation.
This acts like a caseless dictionary.
class IText(IPropertyValue):
"""Unicode text.
class ITime(IPropertyValue):
class IUri(IPropertyValue):
class IGeo(IPropertyValue):
"""Geographical location.
class IUTCOffset(IPropertyValue):
"""Offset from UTC.
class IInline(IPropertyValue):
"""Inline list.