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from string import ascii_letters, digits
import random
This module contains non-essential tools for iCalendar. Pretty thin so far eh?
class UIDGenerator:
If you are too lazy to create real uids.
NOTE: this doctest is disabled
(only two > instead of three)
Automatic semi-random uid
>> g = UIDGenerator()
>> uid = g.uid()
>> uid.ical()
You should at least insert your own hostname to be more compliant
>> g = UIDGenerator()
>> uid = g.uid('Example.ORG')
>> uid.ical()
You can also insert a path or similar
>> g = UIDGenerator()
>> uid = g.uid('Example.ORG', '/path/to/content')
>> uid.ical()
chars = list(ascii_letters + digits)
def rnd_string(self, length=16):
"Generates a string with random characters of length"
return ''.join([random.choice(self.chars) for i in range(length)])
def uid(self, host_name='', unique=''):
Generates a unique id consisting of:
datetime-uniquevalue@host. Like:
from PropertyValues import vText, vDatetime
unique = unique or self.rnd_string()
return vText('%s-%s@%s' % (, unique, host_name))