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<tr id="{{ }}-row" class="event-row">
{% if is_admin and not hide_checkboxes %}
<td class="event-check">
<input type="checkbox" class="checkbox-big bulk-select",
id="{{ }}-box">
{% endif %}
<td width="75">{% if event.is_continued %}(Contd){% else %}{{event.start_time|date:"g:iA"|lower}}{% endif %}</td>
<a class="event-link" {% if event.is_canceled %}style="text-decoration: line-through;"{% endif %} {% ifnotequal event.status "approved" %}rel="nofollow"{% endifnotequal %} href="/event/{{}}-{{|slugify}}">
{% ifequal event.status "approved" %}
{% else %}
<span class="badge status-badge {{ event.status }}-badge" id="{{ }}-badge">{{ event.status }}</span>
{% endifequal %}
{% if event.is_past %}(<a href="/feedback/new/{{}}">Give your feedback</a>){% endif %}
<div>Hosted by <a href="mailto:{{}}">{{event.owner}}</a>
{% if event.roomlist %}in {{event.roomlist}}{% endif %}</div></td>
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