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working approval process and ical view of approved events

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1 parent 9b632dd commit fcf760297b2bfc002a66b5c86aaa16dfc95034a0 @progrium progrium committed Mar 22, 2010
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+get ical of events
+expire events after 30 days
+send email notifications
+past events
+allow owner actions: cancel, see owned
+allow admin actions: cancel, hold
+edit event
+get rss of events
+get json of event/events
+see previous(all),canceled(staff,owner),expired(admin,owner) events
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+# Components
+from import Calendar, Event, Todo, Journal
+from import FreeBusy, Timezone, Alarm, ComponentFactory
+# Property Data Value Types
+from icalendar.prop import vBinary, vBoolean, vCalAddress, vDatetime, vDate, \
+ vDDDTypes, vDuration, vFloat, vInt, vPeriod, \
+ vWeekday, vFrequency, vRecur, vText, vTime, vUri, \
+ vGeo, vUTCOffset, TypesFactory
+# useful tzinfo subclasses
+from icalendar.prop import FixedOffset, UTC, LocalTimezone
+# Parameters and helper methods for splitting and joining string with escaped
+# chars.
+from icalendar.parser import Parameters, q_split, q_join
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