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""" Monkey patch to hit wsgi apps when using urlfetch
This will monkey patch App Engine's urlfetch.fetch with a fetch that hits a local
wsgi app registered with add_intercept. This module is inspired by and borrows
code from the wsgi-intercept project, which doesn't work with App Engine.
This is intended only for the local SDK environment for unit tests.
from google.appengine.api import urlfetch
import urlfetch_intercept
urlfetch_intercept.add_intercept('', my_wsgi_app)
resp = urlfetch.fetch("")
import urllib
import urlparse
from google.appengine.api import urlfetch
from google.appengine.api.urlfetch import fetch as original_fetch
import webob
__all__ = ['install', 'uninstall', 'add_intercept', 'remove_intercept']
def install():
urlfetch.fetch = wsgi_fetch
def uninstall():
urlfetch.fetch = original_fetch
_intercepts = {}
def add_intercept(host, app):
_intercepts[host] = app
def remove_intercept(host):
del _intercepts[host]
def wsgi_fetch(url, payload=None, method=urlfetch.GET, headers={},
allow_truncated=False, follow_redirects=True,
url = urlparse.urlparse(url)
app = _intercepts[url.netloc]
req = webob.Request.blank(url.path)
req.method = method
for header in headers:
req.headers[header] = headers[header]
if payload:
if isinstance(payload, str):
req.body = payload
req.body = urllib.urlencode(payload)
resp = {}
resp['content_was_truncated'] = False
resp['final_url'] = url
write_results = []
def start_response(status, headers, exc_info=None):
resp['status_code'] = status
resp['headers'] = headers
def write_fn(s):
return write_fn
# run the application.
app_result = app(req.environ, start_response)
result = iter(app_result)
# read all of the results. the trick here is to get the *first*
# bit of data from the app via the generator, *then* grab & return
# the data passed back from the 'write' function, and then return
# the generator data. this is because the 'write' fn doesn't
# necessarily get called until the first result is requested from
# the app function.
# see twill tests, 'test_wrapper_intercept' for a test that breaks
# if this is done incorrectly.
output = []
generator_data = None
generator_data =
for data in write_results:
if generator_data:
while 1:
data =
except StopIteration:
resp['content'] = ''.join(output)
if hasattr(app_result, 'close'):
class dictob(object):
def __init__(self, d):
self.__dict__ = d
return dictob(resp)
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