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{% extends 'base.html' %}
{% block content %}
<h2 style="margin-bottom:1em">Propose a Purchase</h2>
<p>Use this form to propose purchases from our discretionary budget. Purchases are approved by simply majority vote of your peers during a 48 hours voting period. NOTE: Purchases from will be purchased by staff for you. Purchases from other vendors will require you to make the purchase, and get <a href="">reimbursed</a> through the normal process.</p>
<form method="post" action="/new" class="iform">
<div class="ilabel">Item name:</div>
<div><input type="text" name="title" size="80" style="width:100%" placeholder="Ryobi Drill Kit"/></div>
<div class="ilabel">URL:</div>
<div><input type="text" name="url" size="80" style="width:100%" placeholder=""/></div>
<table border=0 style="margin-top:.5em;">
<tr><td><div class="ixlabel">Price: </div></td><td>$</td>
<td><div><input type="text" name="price" size="5" placeholder="147.95" /></div></td></tr>
<tr><td><div class="ixlabel">Quantity: </div></td><td>&nbsp;</td>
<td><div><input type="text" name="qty" size="3" placeholder="1" /></div></td></tr>
<tr><td><div class="ixlabel">Total: </div></td><td>$</td>
<td><div><input type="text" name="total" size="7" placeholder="147.95"/> (includes tax and shipping)</div></td></tr>
<div class="ilabel">Why Hacker Dojo should purchase this:</div>
<div><textarea name="description" rows="3" cols="44" style="width:100%"/></textarea></div>
<table style="display:none" border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0><tr valign=top>
<div><input class="ioption" type="hidden" name="purchase" size="60" value="true"/></div>
<div><input class="ioption" type="hidden" name="option1" size="60" value="{{option_one}}"/></div>
<div><input class="ioption" type="hidden" name="option2" size="60" value="{{option_two}}"/></div>
<td width=10>&nbsp;</td>
<!-- <div><input type="checkbox" name="allow_add"/>Allow members to add choices (coming soon)</div> -->
<div class="ilabel">Duration:</div>
<div><select name="duration_amount">
<option value="2">2</option>
<select name="duration_multiplier">
<option selected value="24" selected>day(s)</option>
<select name="duration_start">
<option selected>the first vote</option>
<div class="ilabel">Visibility:</div>
<div><select name="visibility" size="2" style="font-size:14px">
<option selected value="public">Public (all members)</option>
<div><input type="submit" value="Propose Purchase"></div>
{% endblock %}
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