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Text type can have multiple streams #1

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In addition to video and audio, there can be multiple text 'streams' embedded in a file.

@hackerdude hackerdude merged commit f2de9c7 into hackerdude:master
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Commits on Mar 30, 2011
  1. @lwf

    Text can have multiple streams

    lwf authored
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  1. +2 −1  lib/mediainfo-ruby.rb
3  lib/mediainfo-ruby.rb
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
require "mediainfo_ruby"
module MediaInfoRubyisms_Streams
- ThingsWithMultipleStreams = [:video, :audio]
+ ThingsWithMultipleStreams = [:video, :audio, :text]
# Set to true if you want empty values
attr_reader :empty_values
@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ def image_streams ; self.count_get(MediaInfoLib_StreamKind::Image, -1); end
# Returns how many streams are menu streams
def menu_streams ; self.count_get(MediaInfoLib_StreamKind::Menu, -1); end
+ def text_streams ; self.count_get(MediaInfoLib_StreamKind::Text, -1); end
# Returns a map of all the possible option definitions,
# where the key is the option we can ask for and the
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