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Hackerfleet Opensource Development Community

Hacking the seven seas since 2011 - our most interesting repositories are "hfos", "mastbox", "shipbox" and "ms0x00"


  1. hfos hfos Public

    The Hackerfleet Operating System - a comprehensive set of maritime modules for Isomer

    Python 19 2

  2. hfos-frontend hfos-frontend Public archive

    LEGACY (See isomeric/isomer-frontend): Hackerfleet Operating System - Client Frontend

    JavaScript 1 4

  3. mastbox mastbox Public

    All necessary data for the Mastbox

  4. ms0x00 ms0x00 Public

    All project files and sources for our robotic overlord vessel, the Motorship 0x00

  5. meta meta Public


  6. warmongo warmongo Public

    Forked from robbrit/warmongo

    JSON Schema-backed ODM for Python and MongoDB.

    Python 1


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