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Hackerfleet Opensource Development Community

Hacking the seven seas since 2011 - our most interesting repositories are "hfos", "mastbox", "shipbox" and "ms0x00"

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  1. The Hackerfleet Operating System - a comprehensive set of maritime modules for Isomer

    Python 8 1

  2. LEGACY (See isomeric/isomer-frontend): Hackerfleet Operating System - Client Frontend

    JavaScript 1 4

  3. All necessary data for the Mastbox

  4. All project files and sources for our robotic overlord vessel, the Motorship 0x00

  5. metametametametametametametametametametametameta

  6. Forked from robbrit/warmongo

    JSON Schema-backed ODM for Python and MongoDB.

    Python 1


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