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Test Setup for Nextcloud and IMAP using Docker

When Nextcloud externalized the user_external authentcation method from the core into a seperate app, it was assigned a version number below 1.0.0 and cause some trouble by introducing breaking changes as documented in Issue #52.

To demonstrate the gap in behaviour and validate a new version of the plugin/app still works (to prevent the trouble happening again), this repository contains the attempt the create a setup encapsulated in Docker containers.

Current state

  • base work in creating the docker and imap caontainer

  • cyrus config in master does not contain a working version. As we couldn’t figure out (during Hackergarten Basel) why it doesn’t run on ubuntu, the branch debian contains a working setup using a debian base image.


  • Configure Cyrus IMAP to reflect the given setup used by @madmas

  • configure Nextcloud to use that Cyrus instance as an authentication source

  • replay typical usecases and demonstrate if if app is working as expected

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