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Hackeriet membership

Hackeriet is a members-owned non-profit association. Members have a hand in the running of the organisation as well as 24/7 access to the space.

Membership is paid monthly by standing order. Running an organisation like this in Oslo isn’t cheap, so please play your dues on time. The space requires our members to contribute an average subscription of kr250/month to survive. For students, retirees or low income members the minimum subscription is kr 150/month.

Membership dues

  • Regular members: 250kr monthly / 2750kr yearly
  • Students : 150kr monthly / 1650kr yearly
  • Sponsorship membership: as much as you wish. Our suggestion: 500kr monthly / 5500kr yearly

Pay by bank transfer to account number: 1254.05.75124. Mark the transaction with your name.

If you pay for a whole year you can subtract one month as rebate.

Supporting membership is for those who wish to support Hackeriet’s activities financially. We can provide invoices for supporting members upon request. Contact finance – AT –

Who can be a member?

  • anyone with an active interest in hacking

What to do as a new member?

  • come to a talk, a workshop, a meeting
  • hold a talk, tell us something fun
  • send a mail on the mailing list, introduce yourself and what you’re interested in
  • get a membership card
  • interact with the vending machine
  • put your own server/pi online in the nettlaug server room.
  • hang out on #oslohackerspace or matrix.
  • work on projects together
  • host a workshop

What do I get for the fee / What is my membership fee used for?

Hackeriet exists for us to pool our resources, exchange experiences, let us teach and learn, share equipment and offer us a physical place to do this. To achieve this, we need funding.

The membership fee is our primary source of funding and is currently used to pay rent, fund workshops and buy equipment that the members find useful at a hackerspace.

While we urge you to become a full member, we don’t require you to be one in order to visit us.

Full members get

  • Their own storage space where you can store your project stuff.
  • Voting rights at the general assembly meetings, as stated in our /bylaws.
  • Right to participate in membership meetings, first Tuesday of every month.
  • Membership card for unlocking doors and getting Club Mate from the vending machine.


You need two keys:

  • a key card, which opens the space itself, and
  • a Hausmania key, which opens many doors at Hausmania, including the front door (at least until we/you build more keycard stations).

We produce our own keycards, but need to order the Hausmania keys.

Email styret – at – and request a key, and we will order one for you. There is a 400kr deposit for keys, deposit is paid by bank transfer to Hackeriets main account (see Money).